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What is the Best Therapy for Addiction?

Addiction is a mental health disorder that must be treated holistically. Primarily because the condition is complex and challenging. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for addiction, but therapy is one of the best places to start as it plays an important role in most recovery programs.

But there are many types of therapy available, so it can be difficult to pick one that is the best therapy for addiction.

Not to worry, as we are going to take a deep dive into some of the most effective therapies for addiction and find out which one might be best for you or your loved ones.

What is the Best Therapy for Addiction?

The first 72 hours after entering rehab are crucial to determining an addict’s best therapy for addiction.

Addicts will generally be assessed by a psychiatrist and a team of recovery experts, who will decide what is the best course of action.

A variety of factors will be considered in this evaluation, including

  • The severity of their addiction
  • Treatment history
  • Medical and family history
  • Co-occurring disorders

The most appropriate treatment plan will be determined by a team of recovery experts following the completion of an assessment.

Therapies for Addiction

There are many types of drug rehab therapies available to addicts, including

Holistic Therapy

The importance of holistic therapy in recovery is often overlooked.

Physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being are all taken into consideration in holistic addiction treatment. A holistic approach to addiction addresses the underlying causes rather than just its symptoms.

A holistic approach to drug rehab includes the following types of treatment:

  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Equine therapy
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Nutrition
  • Massages

A holistic approach is almost always necessary when considering patients that might be suffering from co-occurring disorders.


The most common type of therapy people think of when it comes to recovery is psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy. Not only is this one of the most common types of drug rehab therapy but it’s also one of the most effective.

This form of therapy consists of one-on-one meetings between the therapist and the patient. Their sessions focus on solving the patient’s cognitive problems.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is another popular form of psychotherapy used for the treatment of addiction.

In fact, research has shown that CBT is one of the most effective treatments for the treatment of not only addiction but also anxiety and depression. 

The primary focus of this therapy is the relationship between a patient’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The goal is to improve the well-being and psychological state of the patient by addressing how they are related to each other.

The practice has its foundations in the idea that feelings, thoughts, and actions are all working in conjunction to influence mental health and well-being.

In order to unlearn negative behaviors CBT therapists employ different methods like breathing exercises.

Group Therapy

As part of group therapy, patients explore the underlying causes of their addiction in a safe and supportive environment. In a session led by one or two group therapists, addicts will be surrounded by others suffering from addiction.

Addicts benefit from this type of therapy because it allows them to discuss their challenges and experiences with each other while learning from one another.

In a typical session usually six to twelve recovering addicts are included as part of the group.

Family Therapy

According to this method of treatment, addiction is a family disease that affects everyone in the household. Through  family therapy families overcome triggers, traumas, and challenges together.

Research carried out has hinted at the fact that addicts who receive this form of therapy are more likely to stay sober than those who do not. 

What is the Best Therapy for Addiction?

Ultimately the best therapy for addiction will be the one that most benefits the addict’s individual case. Not everyone has the same problems, and that’s why so many different therapies are effective for different people.

The best way to determine which therapy is right for you is by consulting with a recovery expert.

At Veritas Detox  our team specializes in providing holistic and other forms of therapy to our patients.

Contact us today and find out which therapy for addiction is right for you.

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