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Veritas Detox’s Residential Inpatient Program is life-changing. When clients enroll, they’re entering a healing environment that’s designed to close the door on the past and open the door on a bright, positive future. Upon arrival, you will undergo a complete medical and psychological evaluation. From there, our medical team will create a recovery protocol that’s based on your needs. From the moment you walk into our doors, our mission is to help you uncover the root cause of your addictions and help you put an end to self-destructive behaviors. Substance abuse can be conquered, and our staff is here to help you every step of the way.

Los Angeles Detox Center

Detoxification is the process of moving toxins from the body. During this process, it’s normal for you to feel symptoms of withdrawal. To ease these symptoms, we use medications to provide comfort and relief. Clients are placed in caring, experienced hands during detoxification. The detox process typically takes several days to two weeks, depending on the length and amount of substance abuse.

Alcohol Treatment in Los Angeles, Los Angeles

Alcohol abuse can disrupt relationships, lead to loss of employment, and derail the trajectory of your future. But even with all this destruction,  there’s a way out. By admitting into Veritas Detox, you remove the external triggers that have caused alcohol abuse, and you are placed in the right surroundings to resolve the internal triggers that have kept you locked into this vicious cycle.

Upon arrival, you will undergo a complete medical and psychological evaluation. This is followed by a detox, which lasts one to two weeks. We take every measure to ensure our clients detoxify safely, and we may use medications to ease the discomfort caused by any withdrawal symptoms. After the detox phase, you’re assigned a dedicated caseworker and a licensed therapist.

Drug Treatment in Los Angeles, Los Angeles

Excess use of painkillers, heroin, cocaine, meth, benzos, ecstasy, and other addictive substances can destroy your life. Drug abuse ruins personal relationships, breaks down families, derails careers, and sinks the health and wellbeing of its victims. Drug abuse can lead you down a dark path, and there are no redeeming qualities to being a drug addict.

At Veritas Detox, we know that it is not enough to merely treat the symptoms of addiction; we must find and fix the root cause. We don’t believe addiction is an incurable disease, and we also don’t lay blame at your feet. We empower you to take control, overwrite bad behaviors, treat your mental health, and become the very best version of you. When you arrive for drug treatment, you’ll undergo a medical and psychological assessment. Next, you’ll detoxify the drugs out of the system.

The Veritas Recovery Program

When you walk into Veritas Detox, you walk into a zone of acceptance. There are no harsh judgments here— only a support system that’s built to help you put your life together. Your stay can last for 30-45 days, and it’ll be an experience that will provide insight into the motivations of your substance abuse, help you break down and defeat harmful habits and behaviors, and put you on a path to lasting recovery. We use a dual diagnosis approach, which not only diagnoses your addiction but the mental health conditions that may be contributing to your issues. While detox heals the physical by removing toxins from the body, our treatment really dives into the mental by really uncovering the motivations behind substance abuse.

During your stay, you will have weekly sessions with a therapist, enjoy quality cooking from our professional chefs, enjoy relaxing activities like meditation, train your body through fitness sessions, and so much more. By the end of your stay, you will feel the light of life, and you will know there is so much for you than drugs and alcohol. At Veritas Detox, there is rejuvenation. You have the opportunity to start living the life you were always meant to live.

Are you or a loved one suffering from alcohol or drug abuse? Choosing Veritas Detox can be the most important decision for your future. With an expert team, a personalized treatment plan, and a nurturing environment, you can reclaim your life from substance abuse.

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