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Located in the beautiful Los Angeles region of Los Angeles, Veritas Detox has assembled the brightest minds of rehab care into one facility. Our Residential Program has helped many patients overcome past traumas, eliminate crippling dependencies to drugs and alcohol, mend past relationships with their loved ones, and just become the person they were always destined to be. When you walk into our doors, our goal is to help you defeat your addictions for good.

A residential stay can provide a transformative experience. Our Los Angeles residential inpatient program consists of phenomenal individual treatment, collaborative group therapies, and an array of holistic activities. Our clinical is tailored to your needs, helping you identify and treat the root cause of your addiction.


When compared against other LA drug rehab centers, Veritas Detox is in a class of its own… Every client we treat has a different profile and requires a different approach. Upon your arrival, you will undergo a thorough medical and psychiatric evaluation. Our MD will then design a medical detox program to eliminate toxins from the body and begin removing your dependency on drugs and alcohol. The detox phase will be managed by our medical team, and we will monitor your progress, provide proper comfort medications to help you manage withdrawal symptoms, and will closely monitor your vitals to ensure you remain safe during the process.


After your detox, the true recovery begins. You will be assigned a psychiatrist and a case manager. Our goal in the recovery phase is to uncover the underlying cause of your addiction and to address it with pragmatic solutions. This cause of your addiction can potentially be a blend of motivations, influences, traumas, and habits. At this phase, we often employ a dual diagnosis approach, which not only diagnoses your addiction but the mental health conditions that may be contributing to your issues. You’ll meet your psychiatrist twice a week for mental health therapy, meet your case manager weekly for any additional help you may need.

For the average LA drug treatment center, the term “holistic wellness” is a buzzword, but for us, it’s something we live by and follow completely. Addiction is not merely a dependency on drugs and alcohol. If you’re having relationship issues that are pushing you to substance abuse, we’ll schedule relationship therapy for you and your significant other. If you’re having setbacks at work, we’ll see where we can intervene and mediate, and possibly direct you to a different career path.

At the heart of our residential inpatient program is you. Our work requires us to dive deep into your background, determine the causes of your addiction, and provide the guidance you need to achieve lasting sobriety.

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