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Providing Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Los Angeles

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Los Angeles

Dual diagnosis refers to the presence of both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder. These conditions often intersect, creating a complex web of challenges that require specialized care. Our dedicated team of professionals at Veritas Detox recognizes the importance of treating both aspects of dual diagnosis to promote sustainable recovery. Our integrated approach addresses substance abuse alongside conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and more, ensuring a holistic and personalized healing experience.
Our dual diagnosis treatment center in LA is proud to have a team of qualified therapists who can help you and your loved ones heal your relationships and create a supportive environment for recovery. We specialize in dual diagnosis treatment, a comprehensive approach that addresses both substance abuse and co-occurring mental health conditions. At Veritas Detox, we are committed to guiding you or your loved one toward lasting recovery and renewed well-being.

How We Diagnose Mental Health Disorders

Upon arrival, you’ll undergo a complete psychological assessment. Once we have a strong picture of your mental health, we can design a treatment protocol we’ll follow during your stay. You’ll have one-on-one sessions with a licensed psychiatrist throughout your stay to better understand your addiction’s root cause. If a mental health disorder influences substance abuse, we’ll apply the proper psychotherapeutic treatment. Some of the common mental health disorders we encounter are:

The Mental Health & Substance Abuse Connection

Mental health conditions push people into substance abuse, just as substance abuse can create mental health conditions. The overuse of drugs and alcohol can negatively alter the brain’s chemical balance, which further worsens your mental health and launches you into a loop of self-destructive behavior.
Recognizing the connection between mental health and substance abuse is essential to provide effective and comprehensive treatment. Integrated treatment approaches that address both conditions simultaneously are most successful. This can include therapy, counseling, support groups, medication management, and lifestyle changes to promote overall well-being and prevent relapse.
The connection between mental health and substance abuse is complex and multifaceted. Individuals with mental health disorders are more susceptible to substance abuse and vice versa. Several factors contribute to this interrelationship:

  • Mental health disorders and substance abuse can both affect the brain’s neurotransmitter systems. Substance abuse can disrupt the balance of neurotransmitters, worsening mental health symptoms. Similarly, imbalances in neurotransmitters can predispose individuals to substance abuse.
  • Environmental stressors, trauma, and adverse childhood experiences can contribute to developing mental health disorders and substance abuse. A difficult environment can increase the likelihood of resorting to substances as a coping mechanism.
  • Certain personality traits, such as impulsivity or sensation-seeking behavior, can predispose individuals to both mental health disorders and substance abuse.

Individuals with mental health disorders may experience social isolation or difficulty forming relationships. Substance abuse can offer an escape or a means to socialize, albeit temporarily, leading to a cycle of dependence.

Both mental health disorders and substance abuse can impair decision-making abilities. This can lead to risky behaviors, including continued substance use despite awareness of its negative consequences.

Our Dual Diagnosis Detox Program

All substances of abuse can be addictive, but alcohol presents a unique challenge. Excessive alcohol abuse disrupts the brain’s delicate chemical balance, leading to a dangerous dependency that can be especially difficult to break. Depending on the nature and the level of alcohol abuse, the withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe and life-threatening. As an alcohol detox Los Angeles treatment center, we take great measures to ensure that your withdrawal symptoms are properly managed.

Dual diagnosis detox treatment refers to a specialized form of detoxification process designed for individuals who are dealing with both substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or other mental health conditions. This integrated approach acknowledges the complex relationship between substance abuse and mental health issues and addresses both aspects simultaneously during the detoxification phase of addiction treatment.

Traditional detox programs focus primarily on helping individuals safely withdraw from substances, managing withdrawal symptoms, and preparing them for further addiction treatment. However, for individuals with dual diagnosis, detoxification needs to be more comprehensive. Dual diagnosis detox treatment takes into account the specific challenges faced by individuals dealing with both addiction and mental health disorders.

Our dual diagnosis detox programs integrate mental health care into the detoxification process. This means that individuals receive specialized care to manage withdrawal symptoms from substances while also addressing their mental health symptoms. Both aspects are treated concurrently to ensure a holistic approach to recovery.

Dual diagnosis detox treatment involves medical supervision to ensure the safe withdrawal from substances. Additionally, individuals receive therapeutic support from mental health professionals who are experienced in treating co-occurring disorders. This can include individual counseling, group therapy, and other evidence-based therapeutic modalities.

Individuals with dual diagnosis may require medication to manage their mental health symptoms during the detox process. Healthcare providers carefully assess the need for psychiatric medications and monitor their effects to ensure the individual’s well-being.

Our dual diagnosis detox treatment aims to set the foundation for a successful recovery journey by addressing both substance abuse and mental health issues from the outset. It provides individuals with the necessary tools and support to navigate the challenges of early recovery while managing their co-occurring disorders effectively.

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How We Treat Dual-Diagnosis Treatment in Los Angeles

We treat co-occurring conditions pragmatically through modalities like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

Our addiction treatment center in Los Angeles takes a psychodynamic approach that addresses your own needs and your own mental health condition. You’ll sit with your assigned psychiatrist twice per week to work out your issues. Therapy will give you insight into what’s pushing you into addiction, and it’ll give you the tools to problem-solve and avoid these pitfalls in the future.

At Veritas Detox, we believe in the transformative power of recovery. Our dual diagnosis treatment programs in Los Angeles are designed to help you rediscover life, free from the constraints of addiction and mental health challenges. By choosing Veritas Detox, you are taking the first step toward a brighter, healthier future.

Contact us today to learn more about our dual diagnosis treatment programs and embark on the path to lasting recovery. We can embrace hope and healing, paving the way for a life filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

We are Here for You.

The team at our detox center in California is dedicated to your well-being. We offer hope to those who feel lost and empower individuals to build a life of their dreams.

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Veritas Detox works with most insurance providers. Our admissions team works around-the-clock to ensure that those that need help have the access to get it. Verify your benefits and one of our treatment consultants will get back to you with more information on how you can get started.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Veritas came highly recommended and lived up to any expectations I might have had. I traveled halfway across the country to a place completely foreign to me in California and felt comfortable almost immediately which provided for a solid foundation in my Recovery...

Dan W.

I was dying inside out. I couldn't breathe I was drowning In Hate anger pain self pity. I couldn't see anymore just darkness then some how veritas popped up on my laptop screen. they then called and had a solution for every reason I had to not go...

Jo H. 11/19/2020

Veritas has not only given me the tools to stay sober but has also showed me how to live a happy and fulfilled life. I have been to several other places in an effort to get sober but none of them can even get close to what this place has truly done for me...

John A.

A little over a month ago I was home struggling with a bad drug problem. I had gotten a hold of a recruiter & they suggested “Veritas” in Los Angeles CA. This place is absolutely amazing & very helpful. The staff are great as well as their personal Chef. The meals are great & everything else is. It’s a very comfortable place...

Zach F.

Veritas has been life saving and life changing for my son, which has made a profound impact on our family, as a whole. My son has struggled with drug addiction since his late teens. He is about to turn 25, next month. He has been to detox/treatment multiple (4) times, but I truly feel this will be his last. He is 40+ days sober with a brand new zest for (sober) life...

Kelly F.

I'm not typically one for writing reviews but I truly believe this place saved my son's life. After numerous attempts to get clean in our area, we thought it was best to get away from the people and places that brought him to this point. His therapist was amazing and I feel that he finally got the one-on-one help that he actually needed!


Veritas saved my moms life! I can’t put into words how grateful I am for the staff there and the program they run. She’s been to treatment a few times in the last 4 years but always continued to drink. Now she’s coming up on a year sober and it’s amazing to see her grow...

Steve F.

This place definitely saved my brother's life. He had been to a few other centers previously, but there is a clear difference here. The staff truly cares and goes out of their way, and his therapist was great...

Nicholas Y.

This was a great for me to detox! The staff is very support and my 30 days went much faster than I anticipated . Although I know the “real work” begins when I get back home, this has been a great launching pad for me...

Clete G.

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