Alcohol Abuse

When you’re in need of alcohol detox in Los Angeles, Veritas Detox offers the ideal environment. Many of our clients have fallen victim to the idea that there’s no harm in having a drink, but what happens when “one drink too many” happens far too often? It’s so easy to stumble into a self-destructive spiral of alcohol consumption, and it can be a very hard hole to climb out of. If you are suffering from alcoholism, Veritas Detox can put you on a road to recovery.

What Is Alcohol Abuse?

To put it simply, alcohol abuse is the pattern of drinking alcohol in excess. This condition can be demonstrated by an uncontrollable desire to drink, drinking in inappropriate situations, an inability to relax without a drink, and continuing to drink in spite of obvious negative consequences. Alcohol abuse can lead to alcohol addiction.

Alcoholism doesn’t discriminate and it can happen to anyone. It can be caused by a variety of factors— as a coping mechanism for past traumas, a way to conform to social pressures, or as a habit that developed into a biological dependence.

How Do I Get Sober?

Alcohol abuse can disrupt relationships, lead to loss of employment, and derail the trajectory of your future. But even with all this destruction,  there’s a way out. By admitting into Veritas Detox, you remove the external triggers that have caused alcohol abuse, and you are placed in the right surroundings to resolve the internal triggers that have kept you locked into this vicious cycle.

Upon arrival, you will undergo a complete medical and psychological evaluation. This is followed by a detox, which lasts one to two weeks. We take every measure to ensure our clients detoxify safely, and we may use medications to ease the discomfort caused by any withdrawal symptoms. After the detox phase, you’re assigned a dedicated caseworker and a licensed therapist.

The road to sobriety is an uphill battle if traveled alone. But when you’re placed in a positive environment with specialists who want nothing more than to help you conquer your addiction, sobriety is within reach. Veritas Detox can help you remove the hold of alcohol and unleash your full potential.

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