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How to Do a Successful Intervention

Having an intervention is one of the most effective ways to ensure your loved ones get the help they need and find the strength to seek recovery.

If you’ve been wondering, here’s how to do a successful drug intervention

How Does an Intervention Work?

For those suffering from drug addiction, interventions are often the last resort.

An intervention for substance abuse typically takes place in a private setting where family and friends are ready to convince the addict that they should seek treatment immediately and explain how the addiction is affecting them personally.

 Its goal is to cause an emotional reaction in the addict that will push him or her to seek treatment.

The addict is usually admitted to a rehab facility immediately after the intervention since pre-arrangements have been made with the facility.

Interventions, however, can be emotionally draining and complex, and without the right approach, they could fail.

How to Do a Successful Drug Intervention?

There is a lot at stake during an intervention, after all, they are often the last resource. But given its risks of failure, it’s always best to prepare for them in advance.

Given interventions have a chance of failing despite so much being on the line it’s always best to prepare for them in advance.

These are the main steps to take to prepare for a successful intervention:

Plan, Plan, More Plan

Planning, that’s how to do a successful drug intervention. Obtaining as much information as possible about addiction and available treatment options is essential when preparing for an intervention. 

Discuss the intervention’s goals with everyone involved and the role each person will play. 

It’s also essential to decide on a location for the intervention and to create a script that outlines what will be said during the intervention.


You should also consider the consequences that could come from a failed intervention and come up with a plan B.

Choosing a treatment center and informing them in advance that the addict might join them is a critical part of proper planning for intervention.

Arrange Transport

Not only is it important to have a place ready for the addict to go but what is also equally important is to pre-arrange their transport. 

Oftentimes the rehab center might not be nearby which could require an airplane ticket or other forms of transport.

Rehab centers usually provide coordination and even private transport at times. Talk to your rehab and ask them if they can help you arrange this.

Set Boundaries

When conducting an intervention, it is crucial to set boundaries. Tell your loved one you will no longer enable their drug addiction, and that there will be consequences for their continued use. 

The consequences could include cutting ties with the individual altogether or cutting off financial support. 

While setting boundaries can be challenging, it is necessary to help your loved one understand how severe their addiction is.

Put a Team Together

Before launching a successful drug intervention, it is imperative to assemble a team. The team should consist of friends and family who are concerned about your loved one’s addiction. 

Select people who can remain calm and collected during the intervention and who have a positive relationship with the addict. An interventionist should also be a critical part of your team.

Choosing an Interventionist

Now that you know how to do a successful drug intervention you might want to make sure you get the right interventionist on your team.

Choosing the right interventionist could be the difference between getting your loved one to go to rehab and get well or not. 

That’s why it’s so critical to make sure you work with someone who is highly experienced and that has the support of a professional team.

At Veritas Detox  we offer a number of interventionists with optimal experience.

Contact us today and find out how we can help

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