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What is Detoxification from Drugs?

Any intensive substance abuse treatment program begins with detoxification or detox. Detoxification is a scary process for many individuals, but it is necessary, nonetheless. Especially if you find yourself asking, “What is detoxification from drugs?” the process is likely terrifying. 

Understanding what detoxification is can make the process less scary and encourage you to take the first step in your journey. Scroll down to understand the detoxification of drugs process and why it is important for your journey of recovery. 

What Does It Mean to Detox from Drugs? 

What is detox for drugs? Whenever someone is addicted to drugs, the addiction is both physical and mental. On the one hand, the addict is addicted to the feelings and high associated with the drug. On the other hand, the addict’s physical body is dependent on the substance to function as usual.

To begin treatment, you first must break the body’s physical dependence on the drug. If you don’t break this dependence first, it’s impossible to focus on the psychological addiction and learn how to live a sober lifestyle.

The detox process is designed to break the body’s physical dependence on the drug. During this process, your body will be rid of all the substances that you are addicted to. As a result, you are forced to endure the withdrawal process and symptoms. 

Why You Should Never Detox Alone 

Even though the detoxification process may sound simple, it is anything but. You should never try to detox from drugs or alcohol alone. Trying to detox by yourself is painful, dangerous, and most often ineffective.

If you try to detox on your own, you will feel the withdrawal symptoms in full force. These symptoms are uncomfortable. Many individuals end up relapsing as a way to soothe these symptoms. Unfortunately, relapses following detox are the most fatal because the individual overestimates how much of the substance they need.

Needless to say, detoxing on your own is a bad idea. Not only is it painful and often ineffective, but it can be fatal. 

The good news is that there is a better way to detox. With medical detox, you will detox safely under the eye of medical professionals. These professionals will be able to monitor the detox and provide you with medications to make you as comfortable and safe as possible.

Because medical detox is more comfortable, the risk of relapse is less severe. Not to mention, you immediately begin treatment to fight the psychological side of your addiction after the completion of detox. 

How Medical Detox Works 

With medical detox, medical professionals will be there to watch over your vitals 24/7. They will also minimize the withdrawal symptoms so that your detox is as comfortable and safe as possible. They make the process comfortable and safe by monitoring your vitals and administering medications as needed.

How long you are in the medical detox depends on the substances in your system and how much is there. Some detoxes may only take five days to complete, whereas others may take months. No matter how long your detox is, medical professionals will be there around the clock to provide lasting support.

Detox Safely with Veritas Detox 

What is detoxification from drugs? It is the process of ending your physical dependence on the substance by going through the withdrawal process. Instead of trying to detox on your own, detox safely and comfortably with a medical team on your side.

Veritas Detox offers a top-rated luxury detox facility. Our program is designed to help individuals detox in a safe and comfortable manner before starting treatment. If you or a loved one needs to detox with a professional team, contact Veritas Detox today.

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