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How to Admit Someone to Drug Rehab

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Addiction is something that impacts homes throughout our nation. Whenever just one person suffers from substance use disorder, the entire family suffers alongside them. One of the most painful situations trying to encourage the addict to receive treatment.  

You most likely know from experience and advice that the best thing to do is to confront an individual who suffers from addiction. In some cases, confrontations may encourage the addict to seek addiction treatment on their own. Unfortunately, this does not always lead to the result you want.

If you have confronted your loved one and they still refuse treatment, you might be wondering how to admit someone to rehab. Is it even possible to force someone to go to rehab? These are important questions to ask when dealing with a loved one who refuses help.

Can You Force Someone to Go to Rehab? 

In some circumstances, yes. You can force someone to go to rehab and detox. However, there are very specific instances when this is allowed.

If a minor or person under the age of 18 is addicted, most facilities and laws allow for parents to commit their child to a rehab facility without the child’s consent.

Once an individual is over the age of 18, things get more complicated. There are times when you can force someone to go to rehab without their consent even if they are a legal adult. However, there are only a few scenarios in which a person can be forced into rehab without going willingly.

How to Get Someone Admitted to Rehab 

If you have a loved one over the age of 18 who refuses SUD treatment, you might be asking how to admit someone to rehab. In that case, there are two main options available: the drug court system or involuntary commitment.

Through the Court System 

Drug courts are designed to help nonviolent offenders avoid prison and receive treatment instead. In these cases, the goal for the criminal is treatment instead of punishment. In order to go through the court system, your loved one must have been arrested and pleaded guilty. They must have agreed to their court-ordered treatment program as well. 

Involuntary Commitment 

Involuntary commitment is exactly what it sounds like. It is whenever an individual is committed to substance use disorder treatment without their consent. This treatment is legal in 37 States and DC. Within these locations, individuals can be involuntarily committed if they meet the criteria that their local government lays out for involuntary commitment. In the other states, involuntary commitment is simply not an option.

What If My Loved One Doesn’t Qualify? 

Unfortunately, options are limited when it comes to having an adult admitted into a rehab facility without their consent. If your loved one does not meet the requirements for court-ordered treatment or involuntary commitment, there is no way to force them to receive substance use treatment.

The best thing you can do is talk to a licensed counselor to find out some ways that you can support your loved one without enabling them in the process. Continue to encourage them to seek treatment and help them find the means to do so.

Help Your Loved One Start a New Life with Veritas Detox 

How to admit someone to rehab? The only two options are through drug court or involuntary commitment for adults. Minors under the age of 18 can be committed by their parents without the child’s consent.

If your loved one is struggling with addiction, contact Veritas Detox today. Our treatment facility can help you throughout this process and hopefully help your loved one receive the medical treatment they need to overcome their addiction.

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