Navigating Sober Living with Chronic Pain

Learning how to manage chronic pain while overcoming addiction can be challenging. Unfortunately, many people who live with chronic pain are prescribed opioids to manage their pain. While opioids used short-term can help manage severe pain, opioids should never be used to address long-term pain. This is because opioids are a highly addictive substance that has the potential to lead to life-threatening consequences if abused. If you’re struggling to manage chronic pain in recovery, keep reading to learn how to navigate life with chronic pain.

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Why Opioids Should Not Be Used to Manage Chronic Pain

Opioids are highly addictive substances that, if abused, can lead to serious consequences. Research estimates that around 16 million people worldwide struggle with opioid use disorder. Unfortunately, many people addicted to opioids started using opioids to treat chronic pain. However, opioids should never be used to manage long-term pain due to the addictive nature of the drug.

This does not mean you should live the rest of your life in pain. If you’ve been using opioids to reduce your chronic pain, there are several non-addictive treatment alternatives you can use to reduce pain while getting sober. Keep reading to learn more about how to navigate sober living with chronic pain.

5 Holistic Treatment Alternatives to Manage Chronic Pain

Navigating sober living with chronic pain can be difficult. Below are several holistic treatment alternatives you can use to better manage your chronic pain so you can progress along your recovery journey.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a highly effective option you can use to treat chronic pain. This involves working with a trained physical therapist who can teach you certain movements and exercises you can practice to combat your feelings of chronic pain and discomfort. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is another non-addictive treatment you can use to manage chronic pain. Mindfulness meditation can help improve your mental health and reduce feelings of anxiety. Plus, you can easily combine meditation with another treatment or two on this list to help supplement your chronic pain reduction treatment plan.


You should never have to just deal with your chronic pain all on your own. Talking with a therapist or participating in group counseling can be a great way to learn more about your chronic pain from a different perspective. Plus, you can learn new exercises to help reduce your pain and discomfort. Oftentimes, negative thought patterns and rumination can make your pain worse; therefore, counseling can help promote positive self-talk so you can better manage your pain symptoms. 

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Living a healthier life is another practical alternative you can use to better manage your chronic pain. Lifestyle changes like eating a healthy diet, exercising consistently, and getting good-quality sleep each night are all factors that can help manage your chronic pain. 

Massage Therapy

Finally, depending on the type of chronic pain you struggle with, massage therapy may be another option you consider. Massage therapy can help relieve muscle pain and tension. Plus, massage therapy can be tailored to your unique needs to help reduce your current pain and prevent any further pain or discomfort. 

Your Road to Recovery Is Waiting 

Navigating sober living with chronic pain can be difficult. However, there are a range of holistic therapies and lifestyle changes you can try to help reduce your pain without turning to addictive substances like opioids. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, it’s critical you seek professional help to overcome your addiction.

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