How Mental Health Impacts Detox

Detoxing is the first necessary step in every individual’s recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Detoxing without question can be difficult, both physically and mentally. Because detoxing can be so overwhelming on your mind and body, it’s important to realize how mental health impacts detox.

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Why Detoxing is Difficult for Your Mental Health

Detoxing is the first step toward overcoming addiction. Detoxing can be difficult on your physical and mental health. This is because you are going from abusing drugs to getting sober, which means your mind and body have to significantly adapt to getting clean. This can result in the client experiencing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms ranging from physical symptoms like headaches or nausea to psychological symptoms like irritability or anxiety. Therefore, mental health impacts detox just as much as detoxing can temporarily impact your mental well-being. 

Although detoxing can be hard on your mental health temporarily due to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, it’s a necessary step all individuals struggling with addiction must take to overcome substance abuse. This is why it’s so important to seek professional help if you are looking to start your addiction recovery journey. Many people who try to detox on their own oftentimes struggle and relapse, which can only negatively impact their mental health even more. That’s why it’s critical you seek professional support to safely and effectively detox and progress along your sobriety journey. 

The Importance of Seeking Dual Diagnosis Treatment

It’s also important to seek the right treatment for your unique recovery needs. Some addicts who are detoxing may be struggling with a co-occurring disorder, which means they are struggling with both a mental and substance use disorder. Millions of people struggle with co-occurring disorders each year. This can make it that much more difficult for an individual to achieve sobriety. 

Therefore, it’s critical the individual seek dual diagnosis treatment to help them not only improve their mental health symptoms but also help them effectively progress along their road to sobriety. Otherwise, failure to treat your mental illness while you seek addiction treatment only increases your risk of relapsing and thus jeopardizes your likelihood of achieving long-term sobriety. 

Why Your Mental Health is Important During Recovery

Your mental health and well-being don’t just impact your detoxification process, but it also impacts every step of your recovery journey. This is why it is so important you address any underlying mental health issues you may be struggling with during treatment. Otherwise, your mental illness can raise your risk of relapsing as many people with untreated mental disorders often turn to drugs or alcohol to help relieve their symptoms. 

Many drug rehabs today offer both substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment so you can receive the right care you need to best support your recovery needs. Plus, improving your mental health and well-being will help you lead a healthier, happier life which inevitably supports your ability to achieve long-term sobriety. 

Help Is Available 

Your mental health impacts detox more than you might think. This is why it’s so critical that if you are struggling with both an underlying mental health issue and drug addiction you seek treatment for both conditions at the same time. Otherwise, an untreated mental disorder can impact your recovery journey and increase your risk of relapsing which can potentially lead to life-threatening consequences. 

At Veritas Detox, our team is here to help you every step of the way on your road to recovery. You should never feel too afraid or ashamed to ask for help in taking back control over your life. We offer a range of treatments to ensure our clients can safely and effectively overcome addiction and achieve long-lasting sobriety. Ready to start your recovery journey? Contact us today!