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Coping with Triggers After Addiction Treatment

Relapsing is one of the greatest threats to maintaining life-long sobriety. Even if you receive professional addiction treatment, this does not guarantee that you will maintain your sobriety for the rest of your life. In fact, around 50% of people who receive substance use disorder treatment relapse. Unfortunately, there is a wide range of triggers from stressors of everyday life to environmental triggers that can jeopardize your recovery journey. However, there are a number of ways you can avoid your risk of triggers to maintain your sobriety. Keep reading to learn more about various coping with triggers tips you can implement in your own recovery journey.


At Veritas Detox, we are a leading California addiction treatment center that provides individualized treatment plans tailored to best match your exact recovery needs. We provide a range of comprehensive addiction treatment programs to help as many patients as possible safely and effectively overcome addiction and achieve long-term sobriety. Contact us today to learn more about how you break free of addiction once and for all. 

How to Cope with Triggers Post-Treatment 

Even if you receive professional addiction treatment and overcome addiction, this does not guarantee that you’ll maintain sobriety for the rest of your life. Recovering addicts can still experience urges and triggers to abuse drugs and alcohol. While falling back into old habits to abuse drugs may be tempting, there are several healthy ways you can cope with these triggers and reduce your temptation to fall back into old habits to abuse drugs. Keep reading to learn the top 5 ways you can cope with triggers after receiving addiction treatment. 

  • Avoid High-Risk Situations

Just because you overcame addiction doesn’t mean you won’t be faced with urges to abuse drugs and fall back into old habits. Therefore, it’s important you avoid high-risk situations that could jeopardize your recovery journey. This may include avoiding old places where you used to abuse drugs or alcohol or not hanging out with friends or family members who still currently abuse drugs or alcohol. 

  • Healthy Coping Strategies

Next, it’s important to practice healthy coping strategies to help you cope when faced with urges or triggers to abuse drugs or alcohol. This may include practicing mindful responses like mindfulness meditation, breathwork, or yoga. These activities not only help improve your physical and mental well-being, but they can distract you from abusing drugs.

  • Positive Distractions to Reduce Stress

Similarly, it’s important to implement positive distractions when you feel stressed rather than turning to drugs to cope with your stress. Many people abuse drugs or alcohol as a means to temporarily reduce feelings of stress or anxiety. However, having positive distractions in place like exercise can help you reduce your stress levels and prevent you from relapsing. 

  • Seek Help from Support Groups

You don’t have to progress along your recovery journey alone. If you find yourself having a difficult time coping with triggers, consider seeking help from support groups. At addiction support groups, you’ll be surrounded by other members who share similar experiences as you. This not only builds a sense of community and understanding that you are not alone in your recovery journey, but you can also find encouragement and inspiration during these support group meetings. 

  • Lean on Trusted Loved Ones for Support

Last but not least, you can find support from trusted family members and friends. Your addiction recovery journey will include many ups and downs. However, having a supportive group of loved ones you can lean on while you’re coping with triggers can significantly help you reduce your risk of relapsing. 

Break Free of Addiction For Good

Coping with triggers is easier said than done. However, following the above tips from avoiding high-risk situations to practicing healthy coping strategies will help not only reduce your risk of relapsing but also maintain a healthier, happier quality of life.


No more suffering in silence with your addiction. At Veritas Detox, we are a drug and alcohol addiction detox treatment center that helps patients safely and effectively overcome addiction and maintain life-long sobriety. We offer personalized care to ensure you receive the exact treatment you need to best overcome addiction and achieve a healthier, happier life. 


Contact us today to learn more about how you can start your road to recovery!

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