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How Does Sober Living Work?

How Does Sober Living Work?

Data shows that up to 85% of recovering addicts relapse and return to treatment within the following year. 

Unfortunately, the odds are not stocked up in favor of sobriety, which reinforces the need for recovering addicts to do everything within their power to improve their chances.

It is critical that recovering addicts find themselves in a safe and supportive environment when it comes to preventing relapse. This is where sober living comes into play.

But does sober living work? Let’s take a look!

How Does Sober Living Work

Sober living is a housing program for addicts in recovery that provides continuous care after rehabilitation treatment. The intent is for the program to serve as a transitional home for recovering addicts.

In general, applicants stay for about 90 days to a year, but they may stay longer if they have a compelling reason. Most sober living houses have a zero-tolerance policy which means recovering addicts could get evicted if they are found to be using drugs and alcohol.

It is also forbidden to engage in sexual relations and sexual advancements within the sober living community could lead to eviction.

The facilities are supervised, so a few other rules apply to sober living.

  • Applicants must detox and be sober prior to joining
  • They must attend group 12-step meetings in the facility
  • They must all contribute to the maintenance of the household
  • Must be accepted by the rest of the sober living community
  • Must pay dues owed to the facility
  • Must submit itself to random alcohol or drug screenings

How Does a Sober Living House Work

Sober living homes are supportive housing facilities where addicts can live during their transition to sobriety. They are also known as transitional living or recovery residences. The facilities offer an alcohol and drug-free environment for people in recovery.

There are different types of sober living available including 

  • 12-Step sober living
  • Sober living apartments
  • Sober dorms
  • Re-entry sober programs
  • Transitional housing
  • Halfway houses

A sober living house typically has a positive atmosphere. In addition to having green spaces and peaceful surroundings, they are staffed with peers who are supportive and counselors who offer counseling services 24/7. 

They also provide luxurious accommodations. In fact, some of the best sober living houses offer wellness-oriented environments that can almost feel like a staycation.

Then how does a sober living house work? By being a shelter and a support structure that helps addicts on their road to recovery.

Who Does Sober Living Work for?

Sober is not a requirement for every addict seeking recovery or every person out of rehab. The program does offer benefits to almost every recovering addict, but many can do without it.

Then who does sober living work for?

  • Recovering addicts whose living environment is not conducent of sobriety
  • Recovering addicts who need more accountability
  • Recovering addicts who have relapsed multiple times
  • Recovering addicts with an addictive partner
  • Recovering addicts who had difficulties in rehab

Does Sober Living Work?

In a study examining the results of sober living, residents improved in terms of alcohol and drug use, arrests, psychiatric symptoms, and employment. 

The same study shows that residents were able to maintain improvements after leaving the sober living home.

Does Sober Living Work for Me or My Loved Ones?

Now that you know more about how sober living works you might be compelled to join a sober living house. While no treatment is one hundred percent certain to work, evidence shows that the odds will be in your favor if you do.

What’s the next step then? Seek help! 

Veritas Detox offers sober living home and aftercare programs that can help you and your loved ones get sober and stay that way.

Contact Veritas Detox today to learn more about our sober living programs.

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