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What is the Role of an Alumni Recovery Program?

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An addict who has been abusing substances for a long time may not have any sober friends or connections. This can prompt the addict to reach back to old acquaintances and fall back into addictive habits. 


But avoiding these situations is not always easy, as the addict may face challenges in gaining new friends in sobriety.


An alumni aftercare addiction treatment program can help addicts stay sober by connecting them to a wider network of practitioners, participants, and community-based activities — sober friends doing sober things.

How Does an Alumni Recovery Program Work

Alumni programs are usually offered by the rehab or detox center as a means for recovering addicts who have gone through the same program to stay connected and spend time together. 


They are a great way for new and former graduates to build a sense of community, gain sober friends, and participate in sober activities together. 


Attending an alumni aftercare addiction treatment program can empower recovering addicts to maintain their sobriety by surrounding themselves with a healthy recovery environment.


Alumni programs are not mandatory and non-intrusive. In fact, once recovering addicts decide to join the program, they can choose how to stay connected.


The programs create sober events that bring people together. The idea is to build relationships with other recovering addicts to maintain sobriety. 


As part of their offering, the program director usually follows up with members and makes sure everyone is doing well, as well as providing them with support or helping them overcome any hurdles.

Benefits of an Alumni Program

Alumni programs offer a wide array of benefits for addicts in recovery that go beyond just follow-up and connection. Well-structured alumni programs may help addicts with life integration and provide access to valuable resources.


An alumni aftercare addiction treatment program can also help addicts struggling with sobriety connect with sponsors, and mentors, or even find a safe living situation such as a sober house or community living.


Alumni programs also teach clients how to cope with real-life situations using healthy, positive coping mechanisms. 


Benefits of an alumni program include:

Community and Fellowship

One of the best benefits an alumni aftercare addiction treatment program can offer its members is the ability to connect with a sober community that offers both support and sober social events.


It can be extremely difficult for addicts to escape their previous habits, particularly if their circle of friends is still abusing drugs or alcohol. If addicts spend time around the wrong crowd, their chances of relapse increase exponentially.


By joining an alumni aftercare addiction treatment program, a recovering addict doesn’t have to feel alone in recovery.

Employment Support

Joining the workforce after recovery, particularly if the addict had a tumultuous past, is no easy task. Large gaps in the resume and potentially a history of poor performance could set back an addict. Even worse, taking the wrong job could trigger recovering addicts if they find themselves in the wrong environment.


Alumni programs will often help members find work and also guide them in how to re-incorporate themselves into an old job after a medical leave.

Connecting Addicts to a 12-Step Program

Finding the right 12-step program can help addicts maintain daily reprieve from their life-long disease.


By joining an alumni aftercare addiction treatment program, recovering addicts can be given assistance in joining and maintaining a 12-step program of recovery.


Help is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at no cost or obligation. Speak to one of Veritas recovery experts, to seek the help you and your loved ones need. 

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