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10 Facts About Prescription Pills

10 Facts About Prescription Pills

Not sure what to think when it comes to prescription pills? Are you getting mixed opinions on the topic?

Truth can at times be stranger than function, but there is no better way to separate myth and fiction than getting down to the nitty gritty. 

Here are ten facts about prescription pills that you don’t want to miss.

Prescription Pill Addiction Facts 

1 – Prescription Pills Can Be Addictive

Advances in modern medicine have gifted us with the efficacy of prescription pills that are able to treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions. 

When taken as prescribed, prescription pills can do a lot of good for the patient. However, when taken out of order, they could pose a risk for addiction.

Prescription pills might also pose a greater risk of addiction in patients that already have a history of substance abuse or addictive behaviors.

2 – Not All Prescription Pills Are Addictive

Some prescription pills don’t pose any risk of addiction, others are highly addictive. The most addictive prescription pills include:

  • Opioids
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Barbiturates
  • Stimulants

3 – Prescription Pill Addiction Is a Growing Epidemic

In the United States, there is a growing problem with prescription pill addiction which claims the lives of thousands of Americans every year.

It’s estimated that more than 14 million people or close to 5% of the US population misuse prescription pills each year.

That number has been on the rise and it’s now nearly three times as much as it was in the 90s.

4 – Prescription Pill Overdoses Are a Leading Cause of Death

Nearly a million people have died of drug overdoses since 1999, a staggering numbering for a condition that can be both treated and prevented.

The number of overdoses has also nearly doubled since 2016 going from 52,000 to 106,000 in 2021. In perspective, that’s more than the number of deaths caused by diabetes in the same year.

Opioids—mainly synthetic— remain the primary driver of overdoses making up 75% of all drug-related deaths. 

5 – Withdrawals Can Be Severe and Deadly

Withdrawal symptoms from prescription pills could lead to the passing of the addict if not properly cared for, particularly when it comes to drugs like opioids.

Severe symptoms caused by withdrawals include seizures, tremors, pain, nausea, excessive sweating, anxiety, depression, and irritability.

Pharmacological detox is available and effective for those who seek it. If you or a loved one is experiencing withdrawals from prescription drugs then you should seek medical prescription pill help immediately.

6 – Recovering From Prescription Pill Addiction Is Possible

Prescription pill addiction can be devastating. Yet, despite the challenges presented by it, recovery is possible. 

Those who seek prescription pill help through support, treatment, and commitment can overcome their addiction and live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

7 – Prescription Pill Addiction Requires Professional Help

Beating an addiction to prescription pills on your own could be both challenging and dangerous. 

Addiction to prescription pills is a complex issue that requires professional help to be resolved. Treatment options may include therapy, detox, rehab, medication, and support from friends and family members.

Don’t be shy to ask if you need prescription pill help, support is readily available.

8 – Prescription Pills Can Be Obtained With Ease

Unfortunately, getting your hands on prescription pills might at times be less complicated than finding drugs. Which is one of the reasons behind their prevalence and widespread use.

There are a number of ways in which an addict might get their hands on prescription medical pills including:

  • Lying to a doctor
  • Getting them from friends
  • Stealing them from family members
  • Acquiring prescriptions from corrupt medical personnel

9 – Prescription Pill Addiction Can Ruin your Life

Prescription pills might not have as bad a stigma as other illegal drugs, but they can be just as destructive. 

Not only can prescription pills take away the life of the addict, but they can also have other serious consequences including:

  • Loss of health
  • Cause pain and trauma to friends and family
  • Financial loss
  • Cause mental health issues and co-occurring disorders
  • Irreparable damage to career
  • Broken relationships

10. Veritas Detox Can Help With Prescription Pill Addiction 

Veritas Detox offers prescription pill help and treatments to all of our patients.  

We treat addiction and mental health disorders with holistic treatments that can help you and your loved ones get better.

Contact Veritas Detox today and ask about our prescription pill help treatments today!

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