What We Treat

Our philosophy at Veritas Detox is focused on one idea: Finding and solving the root cause of your addiction. When unaddressed, the root cause can push you deeper and deeper into rampant substance abuse. At Veritas Detox, we address the root cause head-on, detoxify substances out of your body, and give you a starting place to renew your life.

How We Treat Addiction

We use a three-pronged approach to retreat addiction: Detox, Recovery, and Mental Health Repair:

Detoxification is how we remove toxins from the body and cut off your dependency on drugs and alcohol.  Detox is a crucial first step that allows us to work from a sober, clean slate. Detoxification can take several days to two weeks, depending on the nature of your past substance abuse. Withdrawal symptoms are expected, but we can ease the intensity of these symptoms through safe comfort medications.

Recovery is where you have space to really embark on your journey of healing. During this stage, you’ll receive guidance from our therapists and experts, experience time for yourself to reflect, and can enjoy the comfort of our Los Angeles facility.

Mental Health Repair is how we really work to understand the underlying cause of your substance abuse. You’ll speak to a psychiatrist twice a week for one-on-one sessions and attend group therapy meetings. We take the dual diagnosis approach to our therapy, and if you’re dealing with mood disorders, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, or any other mental health problem, we do the work to uncover it and treat it properly. Good mental health is key to beating addiction.

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