Recovery is an ongoing process, so it’s important that you have an alumni family that you can leverage as you progress on your journey. Veritas Detox is a Los Angeles drug and alcohol detox treatment center with an ever-growing network of past clients. Our program graduates are always willing to provide guidance, lift spirits, and start lasting friendships.

People incorrectly assume that you beat addiction once you finish rehab. The truth is that this is where the journey really begins. Once you exit our doors, you will be tested and tempted to fall back into your old lifestyle. Having a network of support to help you work through these challenges and temptations can keep you steady on your path to recovery.

The Veritas Alumni Family is comprised of people from all backgrounds. These are people who have been in your shoes and have encountered some of the same obstacles as you. These are people you can pull from, ask questions, and receive guidance— without the worry of harsh judgments. Having people who experienced a similar journey as you is invaluable. There is power in knowing that you are not alone.

What to Expect of Our Alumni Network

For our alumni, we schedule meetups for you to network with each other, host events with guest speakers for you all to learn from, and cultivate a vibrant community for you to leverage. The Veritas Alumni Family can be used to…

  • Share stories and trade advice with each other. It isn’t uncommon for the graduates of our program to form strong friendships.
  • Easily find and form support groups that will help you during your transition to a new lifestyle.
  • Remain in touch with Veritas Detox treatment staff, and get updated with resources to help with your recovery.

Continued Recovery Through Aftercare

From the moment you enter our facility, our team is thinking about what you’ll need for a successful life after rehab. Your dedicated case manager will start a dialogue with you to determine your goals in life and how we can help you reach them. This aftercare work can include relationship therapy for you and a significant other, help with finding gainful employment or finding a new career, or just being nudged in the right direction if you don’t quite yet know what to do.

The Veritas Alumni Family is an integral element of our aftercare philosophy. With a strong community that is working towards the same goal of sobriety, you have the much-needed support to overcome your addiction.

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